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In The German Bundestag

20th electoral term

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Change of perspectives

In the course of my professional career and my social engagement, I have internalized many perspectives: that of an Islamic scholar, that of a teacher, that of a publicist, that of a researcher, and now that of a member of the German Bundestag.


All the insights and knowledge I have gained contribute significantly to my work in the Bundestag, representing you and shaping a domestic policy that is oriented to the realities of our lives.


Learn more about my previous projectscolumns and publications,

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Religion as a unifying factor

Basic democratic values are the foundation of our society. The constitution is the guiding framework to protect these values.


The Basic Law also enshrines freedom of religion. A strong society requires peaceful coexistence characterized by respect. I therefore stand for policy that promotes interreligious dialogue and sees Germany as a religiously diverse country.

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My work and recent speeches

You can find all my full speeches listed here:

- Haushalt 2022 - Innen und Heimat

am 24.03.2022

- Islamismus

am 17.03.2022

- Innere Sicherheit und Bürgerrechte

am 12.01.2022

ou can find the latest from my political work here and on my social media channels.

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