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For Duisburg in The German Bundestag


Domestic politics for a strong democracy

The dividing line in our society is between all those who oppose our constitution, ecological change and a modern open society, and all those who recognize and want to shape these realities.


The equality of all people regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation, religion and gender identity is at the heart of our society. These values must be implemented in socio-political terms. Our democracy must be defended every day anew, the rule of law must be enforced, and solidarity with one another must be cultivated. Dialog between different faiths and their contribution to a peaceful society are important pillars for our coexistence.

Perspectives in foreign policy

As a member of the Committee on Internal Affairs and Community and a substitute member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, I view many events in my work from two perspectives that are nevertheless inextricably linked. Every domestic policy decision has an impact on foreign policy events and vice versa.


With this two-sided insight, I help shape far-sighted feminist foreign policy, especially as rapporteur for the Middle East.

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